Lockdock worksheet
The students are requested to follow the given homework during the lockdown session and consult the school for any doubt. .
Pre Nursery - Draw any three shapes using dots , color it and send it on the school Whatsapp no (9453714111) . Practice curve,straight,horizontal ,vertical lines .
Nursery- Practice A,B,C,D 1,2,3,4,5, Draw Apple ,Mango and five shapes color it and send it on the School Whatsapp no.
LKG - Revise A to Z, 1 to 50, Practice small letter a to d 50 to 60 , Number name 1 to 5 Draw seven shapes color it and send it on the Whatsapp no
UKG- Revise number name, A to Z , a to z, Week name, Month name ,practice of reading and writing, Shapes and color name
Class 1 to 5 - Practice of reading and writing. Write one page English, Hindi in any copy from any were. Write and learn Table 1 to 20 Draw and color any thing Practice the craft work taught in previous class
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