Playschool is a place where children have their first taste of independence. A play school is a place where a group of children spend few hours each day under the supervision of few teachers / facilitators. Play schools prepare children for their entry into formal school. Play school helps minimize separation anxiety and prepare children to face the world. In a play school the supervisors focus on teaching children the age-appropriate behaviors through observation and imitation.

As a corporate group, under the capable leadership of Dr. Madhu Sudan Nair, Nair Kids a Complete play school was launched in 2009. At that point in time, Pre-school education was at its nascent best. The market was ruled by unprofessional household pre-schools and parents questioned the very wisdom of sending children to a Play school.

With its vast & rich experience, the Tascon Sewa Sansthan grow up has formulated a strategy for future growth of this young edifice of education by entering into the pre-primary education and launching Nair Kids a Complete play school. Nair Kids a complete play school caters to the educational and upbringing needs of children between 2-5 years.

We researched into the realm of Pre-school education and realized that most brands weren't able to provide a resourceful and effective platform that was necessary to ascertain and develop the inherent but undeveloped talent that was hidden within each child. This is why we took it upon ourselves to create a Pre-primary education system that was capable of assessing and developing the academic, physical, emotional and cognitive skills of a child.

Our educational system derives its strength from a group of renowned educationists who make sure that every aspect of preschool education is taken care.

The School is owned and managed by the TACSCON SEWA SANSTHAN Society, Azamgarh

Mission & Vision

Our vision of education is to build a strong younger generation. Boys and girls, who think clearly, listen carefully, reason persuasively and articulate precisely. We want our children to foster good manners, be trustworthy to themselves and others, be resilient and resourceful to enjoy learning and achieve the best of abilities in all spheres of life so that they can make a better every day for many people.

Our mission is to be a leading school where every individual is welcomed, respected, motivated and enabled to develop the desired ability in a stimulating and challenging environment. We value each child as an individual and give positive recognition of his achievements. We ultimately aim to ensure that our students are human, enlightened and productive citizens. By developing their potential we help our students to become unique, responsible and successful leaders.

The purpose of today’s education is not to fill empty vessels but turn the inner eye to light. The motto of our school is “To be the light”. All staff and students of the school are expected to hold these ideals up to illuminate a multitude of lamps and be agents of social transformation.


Admission is open to all deserving students as per CBSE/STATE GOVERNMENT norms. With a view to ensure efficiency and personal attention, the number of students in a class is restricted. Admission is subject to the age limit and reservation norms of board proper to each class. A student on completing Kindergarten course of two years has to taken a fresh admission if she/he wishes to join the first standard; normally there is no Registration Fee / Special Fee for Fresh or Re-Admission to Std.I

Minimum Age of 1st June: - 2013



5 yrs.

Play Class


2½ yrs.



3 yrs.



4 yrs.

Fee Regulations

Re-fundable Caution Fee is to be remitted on the day of admission itself. Fee for each term without fine is to be remitted in the first week of every term. Conveyance fee is to be remitted at the end of every month. "For Detailed Fee Structure-Refer with Diary" Normally Management does not to leavy any Fine / Late Fee.


  Director Massage

At a time when the world is ravaged by hatred and wars, crime and corruption, one wonders if there is any hope left in the world. I would say there is, and this hope can be summed up in one word: education. Education not only means making a person literate. Education encompasses literary knowledge to become the foundation of a sound character, one which can distinguish between right and wrong, one which can lead the country forward on the road to growth and prosperity.

My hope in the Believers Nair Kids a Complete Pay school. School is that the school will produce students who are not only focused on passing exams but are enlightened and productive citizens. By developing their potential today, we help our students to become responsible and successful leaders of tomorrow.

I wish the staff and students of Nair Kids a Complete Pay school. School all the very best in their endeavor and hope that the school will continue to scale new and greater heights in education.

Dr. Madhu Sudan Nair
Tascon Sewa Sansthan

  Asst. Project Manager

At Nair Kids, we believe that learning is a life long journey. Our vision is to develop active and independent thinkers who embrace community responsibility and leadership. Our teachers strive to inspire joy of learning, academic success, intellectual excitement, emotional well-being and creativity in every student.

We work towards instilling confidence, joy, compassion and leadership in students to venture forth on their unique journeys to make a difference in the world. Fun is the only syllabus at Nair Kids Here children lean voluntarily by observation, involvementand guided instruction. Our class rooms are well organized with clearly defined areas for activities.


Anitha Nair
Asst Project Manager

Studies have shown that children who go to play school do better in pre-school. With this in mind, Nair Kids a Complete play school has a state of the art ‘Play pen’ designed to suit the tastes and requisites of toddlers who have just learned to walk and talk. It is not meant for developing academic skills. Rather, caring teachers in a homely atmosphere focus on the sensory, motor and social development. Our toddlers are only too happy to wonder, think, feel, and imagine. Admission is given to children above 2.5 years.

For a child, primary education is a crucial cornerstone for intellectual development. The skills they build and acquire during their primary years are the foundation of their lifetime of learning. With this in mind Nair Kids has instituted a flexible syllabus which aims to accelerate student progress by using activity-based learning to encourage enthusiasm, motivation and confidence in all subject matters. After going through the syllabus, your child will be interested in group learning and have focused thinking skills in all areas – they will have the foundation required to be highly successful in life.

Our students are continually assessed through the continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) grading standard. You will be informed on your child’s progress and be given feedback on how to help your child develop further. In addition to this, all parents are given a forum to meet their child’s subject teachers PTM This system of constant two-way feedback has been extremely successful in helping students reach their highest potential.

Nair kids a play school is always looking for talented, dedicated & skilled teaching & non-teaching staff for its schools spread out across India.

If you have a self- belief of doing something & wish to excel in education industry just download the Application formand send it completely filled to careers@nairkidsglobal.com .

Alternatively you can also send / submit your CV at :-

HR Department
NAIRKIDS for Uttar Pradash,
Vrindavan Pathkouli New Colony
Opp. Balrampur Police Chouki,
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