Title : Summer Vacation Home Work 2024 UKG

Nair Kids School

Summer vocation home work 2024

                 Class – UKG 

Hindi - v ls K rd]  nks rhu v{kj okys kCn (jkst ,d ist lqys[k fyf[k,                                                                       

English- A to Z ,a to z writing  ,Write 10-10 words with the sound of vowel ‘a’,oral

Math --  1 to 100  Counting , 50 to 1 back word Counting , number name 1 to20

G.K – page no 3to 8 ,Body parts, Flowers ,Animals, Week ,Month name .   

Story –Two story

Rhymes – 3 Hindi Rhymes  , 3 English Rhymes

Drawing – Color name ,Shapes name, Grapes and mango

Activity –Pledge , Introduction 

(All written works done in separate copy)