Title : winter vication home work Pre Nursery -Dec 2023

                            Pre Nursery

       All works done in separate copy

Daily one page Writing English / Hindi


English:-   A to M  with dots, Practice of  Missing  letter, Match the letters   Oral and Recognize

Hindi:- v ls v% rd ] Practice of  Missing   letter ,  Match the letters   Oral, Recognize

Math :- 1 to 20  Practice Missing  ,  Match the numbers, Oral and Recognize

G K :- Fruits, Vegetables,  Cartoon Character, Colors  ,Wild Animal , Domestic Animal name , about school, introduction

Rhymes:- :- Revise Taught  { English}  {Hindi} rhymes

Story:  - Revise Taught  { English}  {Hindi} story

Drawing : Draw  circle , Rectangle  Mango,